Day 1, 495 Miles to Go

I started by own 500 Mile Club Challenge today.

I’ve run 500 miles in 100 days several times before. It’s never been easy. In High School, my team used the 500 Mile Club to keep in shape over the summer and take our fitness to the next level for the Cross Country season. After college, I used the 500 Mile Club as motivation to keep my mileage up and counter balance all the excuses to skip a run that I might conjure up during the day.

It’s easy to say “I had a long day at work” and “it’s getting dark” and “I have to get an early start tomorrow” and rationalize that it’s okay to skip today’s run. But when you give yourself a goal of 35 miles a week that means you have to make that distance up by running on your rest day; or by tacking an extra mile on to every run for an entire week; or running a double … and who has time for that? It’s tough to make up the distance once you miss a few days in the 500 Mile Club Challenge.

This time around, I would like to run a half marathon once I have completed the challenge. I’m leaning towards The Hottest Half in Dallas. I think it will be an apropos end cap to my challenge because throughout the 100 days I plan on running in the Sunstroke Summer Stampede 5k Race Series, which is exactly what it sounds like. The theme for my 500 Mile Club Challenge will be “Don’t skip the water stops!”

So, my plan is to run 5 days a week. According to my personal 500 Mile Club Challenge page, I need to average 7 miles a day. I ran on the trails for 4.75 miles this morning. The funny thing about trail running is that it always feels like I ran farther and faster than my watch reports. I think it is because I take shorter steps and basically do a high knee drill for most of the run.

I’m not worried about getting off to a slow start towards 500 miles, I’ve still got fresh legs so I should be able to make it up pretty easily. Tomorrow I will get up well before the crack of dawn and run 10 miles in the dark.