Day 2, 488 Miles to Go

Remember my training theme, “Don’t skip the water stops?”

I didn’t.

I set out for a 10 mile run yesterday afternoon after staying out too late the night before and postponing what was supposed to be an early morning run. Mentally, I haven’t adjusted to the heat of Texas, and I am still not accustomed to having to carry water with me on my runs. Five miles into my run with no shade and amid-80’s temperature and I was beat. I cut the 10 miles down to about 6.5 because I wasn’t able to keep my pace up, and it’s far too early to invite injuries.

So, I learned a few things. First, I will be carrying my water bottle with me on every run. No need to risk dehydration when I don’t have to. Second, I will be picking up a massive amount of sun screen to wear on my runs.

This was the first time I ran in my new neighborhood. The loop was pretty good. I was hoping it would be closer to 7 miles than it was, but at the time I was glad I was a half mile closer to water than I expected. My plan for 10 miles was just to add on a few miles before I turned onto my street, so I can make it work.

I’m almost 12 miles into the challenge. Today is my day off. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to find a track and get some speed work in!