Day 5, right on schedule

The loop I planned on running today was the 6 mile loop from Monday with an extra 2 mile out-and-back tacked onto the end to round it out to 10, but I took a wrong turn.

That’s a running theme with me.

My wrong turn turned the 10 mile loop into a surprising 4 mile loop. That turned out to be a great distance, though, because I was able to go ahead with Monday’s 6 mile loop and round it out to an even 10 without the hassle of an out-and-back!

I also worked in a half hour of 1 minute one, 1 minute off fartleks, totaling 15 minutes of speed work. I felt real good. Carrying water with me makes all the difference. (It also didn’t hurt that it was at least 15 degrees cooler today than it was on Monday)

I’m right on pace to get 25 in for the week! It’ll be pretty exciting when I hit that mark because i haven’t run a 35+ mile week in almost 8 months.

One last note, I RSVP’d for the Midnight Moontower Run next week. It’s a 7 – 16 mile run that starts at 11:30PM Friday night. I have an 11AM flight to Massachusetts Saturday morning … so we’ll see how that works out.