Sunstroke Summer Stampede Race #1: The Beginning of the End

This is the 10th and last year that the Sunstroke Summer Stampede race series will run. Last year I tried all summer to break 20 minutes and came tantalizingly close with a 20:01 in the last race of the series.

Today I ran my first sub-20 5k in Texas! I came in 4th overall with a 19:55. I was pretty far back from the top 3, but I think I can break into that group if I can get some quality time in on the track.

The last two weeks haven’t been great for mileage. I clocked in at 20 and 18, and I’m looking at maybe making 25 miles this week. I’m quickly falling behind in my challenge, but I’m still confident that I can make it! I have 74 days left to run 421 miles. That puts be at needing 40 miles per week, which is still a reasonable amount of distance. I don’t want to fall too much farther behind, though.