Monthly Archives: June 2014

Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run

Last night I ran Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run 5k. The course reminds me a lot of the Pittsfield Independence Day 5k course. It started with a slight uphill, then it was pretty flat the rest of the way.

It was also 89 degrees and with the humidity felt like 98 degrees (not the “band”). Hopefully the Independence Day 5k will be less humid.

Before the race stared, I was standing under the Mo Pac bridge with all the other runners and it felt like it was 120 degrees. My clothes were sticking to me before I had even taken one step! Once the race started, I felt pretty good. I took off at about 5:55 pace, and was able to hold that for a bit. My first mile averaged 6:12 pace.

I caught myself falling into to 6:40’s in the second mile, but I was able to focus on catching up to “the next pack” and pulled out a 6:18 mile. The third mile I was able to concentrate and focus on finishing strong. I sped up a bit for a 6:17 and I kicked the last 0.1 in at 5:53 pace!

All in all I finished with a chip time of 19:29 which is a Texas PR (last summer I only broke 20 minutes 3 times, with a best of 19:50). I feel like I’m in much better shape this summer, I think because of my longer track workouts.

My next race will be the Independence Day 5k in Pittsfield. It should be cooler than I’m used to running in, so hopefully I can take advantage of that and get a good run in!